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Tyre Repair

It can be easy to overlook the importance of tyres on a car or van, but they are essential for your safety. At Browns Garage we understand how inconvenient it can be to suffer a puncture or experience a flat or cracked tyre, and how it often comes at the worst time. That’s why we offer local tyre repairs to customers in Haywards Heath and the wider areas of Sussex and the South East.

Can you repair my tyre?

Although the most common fix for a damaged or flat tyre is to replace it, that’s not always the case and at Browns Garage we will always check to see if repairs are possible. New tyres can be costly so if we can save and repair your existing one, we will endeavour to do so. Where possible, tyre repairs are safe and our mechanics ensure that repairs are fully compliant with British Standards and safety guidelines. We must also diagnose how the damage or puncture occurred, and if caused by something small like a nail or screw the repairs can be done, if any damage to the sidewall has occurred, they cannot.

Puncture repair

Tyre punctures aren’t always terminal and if the hole is smaller than 6mm in diameter it can legally be repaired provided it is inside the tread area – anything bigger than that or in the tyre wall is a write-off. Our expert technicians are fully aware of the regulations and have experience finding, diagnosing and repairing punctures.

Types of tyre damage

Whether you drive hundreds of miles daily or barely use your car from one month to the next, our tyres are vulnerable to different types of damage.

  • Irregular tyre wear – caused by unevenly loading vehicles or wheel misalignment
  • Impact breaks – caused by hitting potholes or kerbs at speed
  • Sidewall indentation or damage – caused by driving over objects at speed
  • Cuts and punctures – caused by driving over sharp objects like glass or nails
  • Illegal tread depth (below 1.6mm) – caused by overusing tyres when worn
  • Ageing and deteriorating rubber – common in old tyres, often found on cars sitting stationary for long periods (years)

It is important to check your tyres regularly and if you suspect they are damaged then bring them to a garage like ours to properly diagnose the problem.

Local tyre repair in Haywards Heath

If you are unsure whether your tyre can be repaired, get in touch and a member of our friendly team will be happy to assist.

Areas served:

Haywards Heath, Cuckfield, Burgess Hill, Ardingly, Bolney, Hickstead, Maresfield, Crawley, West Sussex, East Sussex, Kent.


How much is a tyre repair?

The cost to repair tyres depends on their size but it is generally cheaper than replacing your tyre with a new one. So, whether you have recently bought a tyre that has run flat or you have a classic car with specialist tyres, check with a reputable mechanic such as Browns Garage before forking out for a new one.

What are the signs that you have a puncture?

There are a few ways to know if your tyre has a puncture. Firstly, the tyre may be noticeably flat when you look at it, but this isn’t always obvious. The more common ways to discover a tyre puncture are when you are driving, and you may notice one or all of the following:

  • Your car pulls to one side
  • Steering becomes difficult
  • Wobbling or shaking when in motion
  • A ticking noise when driving, indicating a screw, nail or sharp object embedded in the tyre

How can you avoid damaging your tyres?

Accidents happen but there are some ways to reduce the likelihood of tyre damage. These include:

  • Inflating tyres to the correct pressure as advised by your vehicle’s handbook
  • Avoiding potholes, or driving slowly over them where unavoidable
  • Regularly inspecting tyres for signs of damage
  • Avoiding contact with the kerb to protect the sidewall
  • Avoiding driving over debris in the road, from litter and stones to broken glass or broken objects from a road accident
  • Not overloading your vehicle, or adjusting your tyre pressure to match the load weight as advised by the handbook

What kinds of cars do you repair tyres for?

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Our professional technicians at Browns Garage have many year’s experience carrying out tyre repairs for all makes and manufacturers of cars including Audi, BMW, Alfa Romeo, Citroen, Fiat, Ford, Honda, Land Rover, Mazda, Mini, Seat, Toyota, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz and more. No matter what type of car you have, our team can help with all makes & models, all ages including classics and supercars for Haywards Heath and the surrounding areas.

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