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Welding / Exhaust Fabrication Haywards Heath

Browns Garage provides specialist exhaust, manifold and bespoke fabrication services to our customers. We can create customised performance parts and faithfully reproduce systems for motorsport and historic vehicles, respectively. To ensure quick turnaround times, even on bespoke designs, we invest in the latest tooling and machines to keep all fabrications in-house. Contact us to upgrade your exhaust or enquire about our welding services.


Specialist TIG Welding

TIG welding is the ultimate way to fabricate a custom high-end exhaust system and it’s our preferred method for ensuring we match impressive aesthetics with optimal performance. This technique is used mainly for motorsport and custom cars, where the small differences matter the most – however, we can apply our TIG welding practices to all exhaust fabrications.

Our exhaust systems are manufactured to the highest level using stainless steel and titanium; materials chosen for their resilience and quality. To ensure the strongest possible weld and allow maximum airflow within the tube, our welds are also back purged, which optimises performance.

Custom Exhaust Fabrication

We understand that for some people the way the car looks means everything, and the exhaust is an important finishing touch that few car enthusiasts can ignore. Our exhaust fabrication service ensures that we can help you to create that new turbo downpipe you have been waiting for or some custom chrome pipes to set you apart from the crowd.

Whether you have a vintage car or a modern machine, we can fabricate an exhaust system that not only turns heads but improves how your car drives.

Exhaust Fabrication Improves Car Performance

Upgrading your exhaust using our fabrication service provides several benefits to your car’s performance. Thanks to our custom fabrication techniques, we can improve exhaust flow which in turn increases your engine’s performance, car’s fuel economy and can change the exhaust sound to make it sportier or more aggressive.

For ultra performance, custom exhaust fabrication can help to reduce the overall weight of your car, providing better handling and performance when braking and accelerating.

Car Welding Assistance

Whether you have a small hole in your car’s bodywork or you are looking for a complete vehicle overhaul, our car welding techniques ensure quality results. From fixing rust and corrosion problems to fabricating truck catwalks and side skirts, our welding and fabrication services will not only prolong the life of your car but make it stand out on the roads.

Our Other Welding Services

Here at Browns Garage, we are specialists in all aspects of welding, and we are by no means limited to the automotive industry.

Currently, we carry out weld repairs and fabrications for multiple industries so if you are in need of some welding assistance, contact us today. We pride ourselves in being able to weld aluminium, steel, stainless steel, titanium and Inconel.

Whether you are a plumber in need of pipes welded together, a DIY enthusiast transforming your home, or you work in construction and need a welder to join metal components together, we are here to help.

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